About UR Folkestone

As the first place where passengers arriving from Calais and Boulogne would pass through when setting foot on British soil, the Folkestone Customs House in the 19th century was a grand and impressive building, an epicentre of activity on the harbour.

Diane Dever and The Decorators will call attention to the site as the last surviving remnant of the old Customs House to bring about a new era of activity on the premises – within the retraced Customs House they will host the Urban Room Folkestone.

The Urban Room is an opportunity to re-engage with this history and its past uses through a programme of discussion, debate and learning workshops to create a space that will hold the past in the present to learn and plan for the future of Folkestone.

Traces of these conversation and activities will be archived in the Urban Room library, a catalogue of knowledge including invited contributions from local residents, artists and those involved in the transformation of Folkestone.

If you would like to host a conversation, carry out your own enquiry, debate or urban workshop and make a contribution to the Folkestone Urban Library contact [email protected]

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