About UR Folkestone


Our opening hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 11am-3pm.

We’re excited to see you all once again – if you would be interested in volunteering with URF then please get in touch – [email protected]


The current home of Urban Room Folkestone is sited in the Old Tourist Information Centre at the epicentre of the Old Town and Harbour. From here it continues to offer a place for discussion, talks, debates, inquiry, and presentations for residents and visitors alike who wish to contribute to the future of Folkestone.

Urban Room Folkestone is a space where people can come to understand, debate and get involved in the past, present and future of where they live, work and play.

The purpose of an Urban Room is to foster meaningful connections between people and place, by using creative methods of engagement to encourage active participation in the future of our buildings, streets, and neighbourhoods.

Sites of Interest

The following sites are of particular interest to us, and represent great potential in terms of the future of the town’s socio-economic development:

The One-Way System
The Derelict Gas Works Site
The Redundant Railway Spur along Tram Road
Cycle Routes

Overlooked Gap Sites

If you would like to host a conversation, carry out your own enquiry, debate or urban workshop and make a contribution to the Folkestone Urban Library contact [email protected]