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The new home of the Urban Room Folkestone is in the Former Tourist Information Centre at the epicentre of the Old Town and Harbour. From its new site it will continue to offer a place for the discussion, talks, debates, enquiry and presentations for residents and visitors alike who wish to contribute to the future of Folkestone. View the EVENTS page for our programme.

The Folkestone Urban Analysis – A Narrative of Place and Change is on view and the Urban Library is available for those who wish to read about urbanism and built environment practices, citizenship and civics, as well as look at the history, geography and the geology of Folkestone.

The Urban Room Folkestone is also home to thinking about the immediate area around our building. Dr Christopher Houghton-Budd’s project ‘Let’s Play Plaza’ and Folkestone Triennial 2020 commission ‘Ring of Light’ is debating how this area of town functions as an arrival and gathering place. The next public workshop is on date, see her for more info [hyperlink to 4th May workshop.

We are open every Wednesday – Sunday, 11am – 3pm.

Folkestone Urban Problematics include:

The One Way System
The Derelict Gas Works Site
The Redundant Railway Spur along Tram Road
Cycle Routes
Overlooked Gap Sites

The Seven Pillars of Enquiry for Urban Room Folkestone are:

Local Economics
Local Governance and Politics
Environment to include Geology, Geography, Urban and the Sea.
If you would like to host a conversation, carry out your own enquiry, debate or urban workshop and make a contribution to the Folkestone Urban Library contact [email protected]