2 Oct 2019 | 50 Farmers Tales

2-6 Oct 2019

Past Event

2 Oct 2019 | 50 Farmers Tales
University of Kent School of Anthropology and Conservation

at Urban Room Folkestone, One the Plaza, Tram Road Car Park, Folkestone

This exhibition created by the University of Kent staff and students depicts the dynamics of farms and farming in UKC’s backyard, 1965-2015. The main aim was to better understand social and ecological changes in the Kent landscape over the last 50 years, through an analysis of remote images (aerial photos, maps and satellite images) as well as 50 interviews with farmers on how their farms have changed during this period. The archive of the project is online at www.kent.ac.uk/sac/50farmers.

This exhibition is a part of Something Held in the Mouth, presented by Custom Folkestone from the 3-6 October 2019. For the full programme of events please click here.