9 Oct 2019 | 13:13

9 - 27 Oct 2019

Past Event

9 October 2019 | 13:13

at Urban Room Folkestone, One The Plaza, Tram Road Car Park

With great pleasure, Finance Folkestone is hosting an exhibition at the Urban Room entitled¬†13:13, an allusion to the year 1313, when Folkestone was granted its charter to trade. This date, and this event, seem to be somewhat absent in histories of the town, and yet trade, always the companion of culture, is vital to the town’s development. Bartle Halpin has drawn attention to this moment through the ingenious device of photographing people and traders on the Old High street at 13:13. In this way an occasional and ongoing series of snapshot histories allows the project to continue and unfold as resources, time and interest permit. The exhibition is reprised from its earlier iteration at Brewery Tap.