8 April – 31 May 2019 | MASTERHACKERS: Urban Design Challenge

31 May 2019

Current Event

Existing in a state of flux, Folkestone is a town that has been, and still is, undergoing a series of long-term changes and developments that embed arts and culture within the urban environment and its communities. A secondary effect of this process is the rejuvenation of the local streets and infrastructure, both independently and more commercially. Responding to that, the Folkestone Urban Room has established itself as a base for information and discussion to raise local awareness and engagement within these changes – a place for discussion, talks, debates, enquiry and presentations for residents and visitors alike who wish to contribute to the future of Folkestone. 

With a focus on developing a communal understanding of the urban environment and how that is developedthe Urban Room Summer Programme contains a series of different workshops, research projects and public events that can help local communities engage with the town’s development on a more critical level. Through this programme, participants will get to engage and explore present-day Folkestone and its future. 

Key to this programme are the local practitioners and members of the community taking part, and therefore as a part of this wider programme, we are launching MASTERHACKERS, a project that calls on students of Architecture (including related courses such as Interior Architecture and Design or Urban Design) to design and propose a series of small-scale spatial interventions for Folkestone. 


Design Challenge 


The Urban Room Folkestone team have selected a series of forgotten place-markers and unseen features located around the town, moments of the urban environment that have been left behind and neglected. Your task is to design a small-scale intervention that gives these features a new function, to reinstate their importance and relevance to the town of today. What new life can be given to a broken lamppost? What can you do with a small empty pocket of land with no necessity? 

Selected sites can be found here: Urban Room Masterhackers Design Challenge


Successful submissions will be printed and used within an exhibition and/or publication during the Urban Room summer programme, Friday 28 June – Sunday 30 June.  

The brief is open to all ideas, the more adventurous the better, but there should be an element of practicality to your proposal too. We also intend to commission the construction of a number of interventions to be installed over the same weekend, so please consider that you may be asked to realise and install your work within a budget of £200. 


Submission Requirements 


The submission for your intervention is one A1-sized poster containing the following: 

+ project title
150 word project description
+ technical drawings of your intervention
+ visuals of your intervention in-situ and in use 

Submissions should be received by 5pm on Friday 31 May via email, [email protected], with the subject line: “MASTERHACKERS_Submission_(yourname)”.

Your submitted poster should be high-res (minimum 300 dpi), and sent via WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com), with the file title: “MASTERHACKERS_Submission_Location X_(yourname)”.




Open Call Launch: Monday 8 April
Submission Deadline: 5pm, Friday 31 May
Selection Notification:Monday 3 June
Intervention Installation: 5pm, Friday 28 June 


Applicants will be notified of their success on Monday 3 June, and the selected proposals to be constructed will also be notified on this same day. 

Thank you for your interest in this project, and good luck! We look forward to seeing your exciting designs!