SALT + EARTH 2023 : Festival of Landscape, Seascape & The Environment

8th, 9th, 10th September 2023

Past Event


Folkestone Fringe in collaboration with Creative Folkestone and Kent Downs AONB as they dig deeper into the ways we all connect with the environments that surround us, while engaging with the urgency of the climate crisis and connecting with the communities that live in and around the Kent Downs.

The selected artists, creatives and collectives, and the diverse nature of their work are brilliant indicators of the different ways everyone everyday encounters, are affected by and respond to our natural environment. Expect events, exhibitions, gatherings and performances that explore everything from geography to geology, ancestral and ancient crafts to diasporic and contemporary experiences, and the monumental dis/connections between humans and nature.

Urban Room Folkestone will be hosting artists as they exhibit their ongoing work for the festival over the weekend.