Save Our Library – Grace Hill Library Exhibition

Friday 15th-17th Sep 2023

Past Event

Join us at the upcoming exhibition curated by Jon O’Connor, where we’ll take you on a captivating journey through the rich history of the Grace Hill Building. Explore its vibrant past, its present potential, and the promising future it holds for our town.

In anticipation of the forthcoming KCC Cabinet meeting later this month, we invite you to discover the visionary initiatives crafted by Save Our Library. Experience the remarkable endeavors of our community voices as we unite to champion the cause of preserving our beloved library.

“Whatever anyone else is doing – we’re listening and putting your views as a community in front of decision makers,
Then it’s up to them….”

Join & support as they continue to argue:


This event had now ended – For more information about the campaign, please support the Facebook page linked below;

Save Folkestone Library – Facebook Group