18 September 2019 | CIVIC LUNCH | Diversity and integration in Folkestone and Surroundings

Weds 18 September

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Weds 18 September | Diversity and integration in Folkestone and Surroundings | Civic Lunch with Aida Silvestri

at Urban Room Folkestone, One the Plaza, Tram Road Car Park, Folkestone


Aida is a UK based artist who creates work concerning the sensitive issues of culture, ethnicity, identity, health, politics and the urban landscape. She holds a BA (First Hons) in photography from the University of Westminster, London. She has experience of coordinating photo-shoot sessions, running workshops and public speaking on these issues. Her work explores new and unique approaches to documentary photography to raise awareness, give voice to voiceless and to promote acceptance within communities.

Aida has had work shown in London at Autograph ABP, Photographers’ Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, Roman Road Gallery, Mall Gallery and abroad in France, Greece, Luxemburg, Taiwan and Reunion Island. She was voted one of the British Journal of Photography’s two Best of Show Winners at the Free Range exhibition, London in 2013. She has won the Festival Audience 2017 Award Circulation(s) and was shortlisted for the 2017 Arendt, European Month of Photography awards.

She is currently working on a project called “Roots.”

Through artistic practice, discussion and talks, Roots explores the idea of home, belonging and the implications of migration and the local communities in Kent.

This on-going project focuses on areas of the country that are experiencing or have experienced demographic changes due to the influx of internal and international migration.

This project will analyse and question what those implications are and the tensions or relations among various groups in order to promote integration and to start a conversation around acceptance, diversity and coexisting.

Roots will document different community groups during naturally occurring events. Using Folkestone as a pilot, this project will then expand to other towns in the country for a scaled-up production.

Aida invites the public and experts in the fields to the Urban Room for lunchtime conversations and discussions around: Migration, race, identity, diversity and integration in Folkestone and surroundings.