What Are You Made of, Folkestone? | MagiC Carpets live project

Past Event

Artist: Mary Conroy
On Instagram – #whatareyoumadeoffolkestone

What are you made of, Folkestone? is a project that explores the physical materials that combine to make up the town of Folkestone as it is today. Every urban centre develops its own personality and characteristics as it grows over time. A settlement begins in a place with useful natural amenities but it is formed over time by the actions of its inhabitants and events that occur there, both natural and man-made. These people and events leave traces of the past as building blocks for the future.

This project asks Folkestone’s inhabitants to share an image of a material that they think is meaningful to the town to be collected and become part of a unique visual library. Perhaps it’s from the natural world – rock, water, trees and plants, or from the built environment – Victorian red bricks, medieval stone, contemporary glass and steel, neon, timber, iron – everything amalgamates giving Folkestone its unique personality and identity.

If you would like to be involved just take a photo of a material, post it to Instagram and tag it with the hashtag #whatareyoumadeoffolkestone describing the material and why you chose it. By searching the hashtag you will be able to see what others have chosen and together develop a new way of looking at Folkestone.


This project, hosted by Folkestone Fringe, is part of the “MagiC Carpets” Platform co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. This project has generously been supported by Arts Council England.